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'Contact Us' Web-Form Attack
...   Last updated 2006.04.16 ...
On April 1, we experienced the first of a series of widespread attacks on the 'Contact Us' page of your website(s).
What was the attack about?
Basically, this is an attempt to use our email servers to send spam by several organizations located in Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. In addition to the expected problem of server attacks of this nature, this can get our mail server IP blocked by major internet providers like AOL or AT&T. This would also block future legitimate emails.

Was the attack successful?
No, not a single piece of spam was sent, we were not blocked. The attempt failed due to a security feature installed on our email servers. Our security software detected the problem and stopped sending any email to 'external' addresses. Those were routed to a backup mailbox on our servers.

Are there any problems?
If anyone sent you a message through your website, either:
a) you received the right message with an incorrect 'reply' email address for the sender.
b) you did not get any of the messages.

What happens now?
We are going through the thousands of email that were generated. Once we electronically filter out the spam, we will forward any legitimate messages to you.
Apr 17, 2006
Created: 17, 2006
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