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New eMail Policy
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Change in eMail Server Policy
This new Policy addresses the issue of blocks on email adresses at major email providers. ex: Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Gmail, Comcast, etc.
Companies like AOL, Comcast, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. put blocks on all email from our servers.

The companies have spam blockers that limit the number of messages a day from a host. If a limit is exeeded, the IP range assigned to our all email servers is blocked. Not just your domain, not just one machine, every machine in the building!

The issue is augmented by 'Catchall' mailboxes that forward millions, yes millions of emails that are pure spam through our servers, which makes it look like we are sending the spam.

To serve you, our client, we must make sure that any email that you are sending is delivered to its destination. Therefore, we have no choice but to make the following change in policy:

1) The following domains can not be used when setting up automated email forwarding:
This list us subject to grow over the next few months.

2) The catchall feature will be disabled on all local mailboxes.

If this change in policy affects you, we will contact you directly with details as to how to get your email without having to change the way that you like to do things.

We apologize for this inconvenience but our spam levels are too high and those providers are blocking legitimate mail from us until we take action.
Jun 04, 2007
Created: 04, 2007
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